Lightweight Terrazzo

Potsonline Lightweight Terrazzo collection is a premium grade pure fibreglass product. It contains no additives (see fact sheet below). This range of pots is extremely lightweight. It is strong and durable which makes it suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Lightweight Terrazzo pots are not only popular because they are lightweight, but it is also because of their superior quality and design. There are a variety of size and designs available. Those looking for a sleek modern finish will be able to find just what they are looking for.

Potsonline specialise in large pots, and when you combine that with the lightweight materials used, it makes the pots perfect for those projects requiring large pots. Putting a large pot in place that is not lightweight can be quite a challenge. These pots can be moved by children. They can also handle the wear and tear due to superior quality.

Lightweight Terrazzo is part of our Custom Design Pots service. We manufacture to your specifications. Potsonline has partnered with developers, architects, builders, cafes, restaurants, hotels and landscapers on a vast number of commercial projects.

Customers need to be aware of others selling Lightweight Terrazzo pots that claim to be selling pure fibreglass (see fact sheet below) when they are not. In fact, other pot suppliers have even used our own Potsonline codes (LW-TZO). We believe this misleads customers. If you are unsure if a pot supplier or retailer is selling a Potsonline item, simply call us on 1300 730 269. We will confirm if the supplier is selling a Potsonline product.