How to Seal a Pot for Indoor Use

Factory Direct Pots - How to Seal a Pot for Indoor Use

Factory Direct Pots provides an in-house service on sealing and waterproofing pots, so that any Factory Direct Pots décor pots can be used indoors for indoor planting. With a surge in popularity for indoor plants, feature décor pots used as indoor planters, now provide the aesthetic appearance

By sealing the drainage holes and waterproofing the interior of a pot, we eliminate the need to have a saucer, and will avoid any water mess or spills that can occur using a saucer. Indoor plants can be put directly into the décor pot (in the growing container they came in), and coconut fibre can be placed on top to conceal the inner growing container.

Why is doing this better than planting directly into the décor pot?

1. Planting directly into the décor pot with potting mix, will require the use of a saucer to capture run off. The main problem is that excess water will overflow from the saucer and cause water spillage on the flooring, and may result in a hazardous slippery flooring, or water damage to flooring.

2. Not using a saucer will eliminate the risk of a saucer ring satin appearing on flooring.

3. Using a saucer can leave a water stagnant odour, and it is to difficult to lift a potted up pot which is heavy, from the saucer to be able to empty it and clean it, in comparison to a waterproof sealed pot where any stagnant water can easily be removed with a sponge and bucket, and the interior easily cleaned and accessible.

4. Indoor plants can be instantly removed and replaced if they perish, or simply replaced to change the look.

5. Many indoor plants thrive on a deep watering, and plants can be easily removed and placed in a laundry tub overnight and put back when they drain. The plants can be removed and placed outside on a rainy day.

Potsonline can seal and water-proof Atlantis Pots, GRC Pots, Light Weight Terrazzo Pots,  LightStone Pots, and Glazed Pots. Simply choose a pot from the Factory Direct Pots online catalogue and request this service from the our team.

Factory Direct Pots - How to Seal an Indoor Pot
Factory Direct Pots - How to Seal an Indoor Pot