Design, placement, and the benefits of Pot Plants

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Whether your pot plants are indoor, in your garden, on your deck, balcony or terrace, or being used as a statement on entry, the plant is only half of the picture. The wrong pot can not only be bad for the plant, but it can make a beautiful plant and space very ordinary!

There are many benefits to Pot Plants, you can move their location within your house or garden, you have a bigger variety of places to put your garden, they are a great design piece, and you get to take it with you when you move homes.

There are a few basic things you should consider when pairing your pots and planters with your plants.


The first thing to consider before purchasing a plant or pot is what is the size of the area you are wanting to fill. It won’t work trying to squash a large pot into a small space, and it won’t give the right effect of placing 1 small pot in a large space.

Ask yourself:

  • How much of the space will be taken up by the pot plant?
  • What else will be in the area?
  • Will one large impact piece look better?
  • Will a cluster of smaller plants be more effective?
  • Will varying size work best?
  • Does the scale fit with the surrounds?

Once you have the balance of space sorted you can start choosing plants that suit the environment – shade/sun/indoor. You might love a particular type of plant, but if you keep a sun loving plant indoors, it won’t last long.

Factory Direct Pots - Designing with Pots

What is your aim for this space?

Generally when people buy pot plants they are doing it for aesthetics or a practical reason. It is important to establish why you are buying them to ensure a positive result.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I wanting to add colour to brighten a space?
  • Am I aiming to create privacy?
  • Is there an ugly space I want to hide?
  • Do I want to have an edible garden that doubles as decorating?
  • Do I want to create a feature?
  • Do I want to create a large relaxing oasis?
  • Do I want to bring the indoors in?
  • Am I trying to create structure to a space?

The aim is essential before you buy. With the aim clearly established, expert staff will be able to offer their assistance with more ideas to help you achieve what you are after.

Purpose Pot recommendations:

Features: Lightweight Satin Noodle Jar, LightStone Balloon Planter, Atlantis Egyptian Urn, GRC Giant Low Bowl, Metal Effect Anduze Urn

Pots great for creating a privacy screen or covering a wall: GRC Oblong Planter, GRC Cube Plant, GRC Giant Trough, LightStone Troughs

For colour: Glazed Collection

Small Pots that create impact: Succulent Bowl, Mini Cylinder, Julius Planter, Squat Amphora Jar

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Pot Size

Plant size comes after Space and Aim as there is no point in choosing a plant that doesn’t meet your needs – no matter how much you like it! It is to be combined with design, so keep both in mind as you consider the following:

  • Is there a view a tall plant could obscure?
  • Do I want the plant to grow wide or tall?
  • Will the plant overhang?
  • If multiple pot plants how will they fit together?
  • Do I want to mass plant in one pot and how will varying sizes work together?


Once the size of the plant required is established, you can start choosing pots that will suit that plant. Remember that in most cases the plant you buy is smaller than what it will be in a year, so make sure you get a bigger pot for it to grow into – but be careful as too big a pot can also be bad for the plant.

Pots for narrow spaces or overhanging plants: Light Weight Terrazzo Tall Round or Square Taper, The Glazed Temple Jar, Deluxe Hanging Pot, Deep Bowl Hanger

Pots for cluster planting: Light Weight Terrazzo Tall round planter or Oval Bowl, Atlantis Egg Shape Planter

Pots for mass planting: GRC Rustic Low Bowl or Classic Pho Bowl, Light Weight Terrazzo Giant Egg Planter or Low Bowl


Design really needs to be kept in mind at all stages, because you are ultimately trying to achieve a look and feel that you love. There are so many options to consider with your design such as:

  • Do I want a formal look?
  • Do I want to follow the style of the house so that it flows?
  • Do I want to create a unique micro space that is not connected to anything else?
  • Do I want neutral or colour?
  • Eclectic or matching for both size and colour?
  • Should the pot blend in or be a stand-out piece on its own?

Getting the design right will lead to much pleasure. Looking at something you got right gives great satisfaction as the transforming effects on a space are quite stunning.

Pots with Style: Light Weight Terrazzo Giant Egg Planter and Cube Planter, The Alfred Archita

Neutral Pots: Lightweight Terrazzo range, LightStone, Satin White or Maximus GRC range

Eclectic Style: The Atlantis ranger, The Glazed Range, Metal effect Pots 


Factory Direct Pots

What is your aim for this space?

  • Natives are not just for garden beds and more unstructured areas. The versatility of colour, variety and size allows for you to really kick that creativity into gear. They also enjoy the good drainage that pots offer.
  • Mass plantings of succulents in larger pots is akin to painting your own canvas. Remember to lay out the design before planting.
  • Don’t feel limited to one plant one pot. Tall plants look fantastic with smaller plants planted around the base.
  • Indoor plants are not only on-trend, they provide many health benefits to air quality.
  • A hanging plant looks fantastic draped over a beautiful tall pot. Hanging plants are not just for hanging pots and this is where the partnership between the pot and plant really comes into effect.
  • Smaller pot plants look great in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Don’t forget the herbs if you have a great sunny spot in your kitchen.
  • An edible selection of pot plants on a deck outside the kitchen not only provides a practical use, but a very attractive planting look.
  • For best drainage chocks or pot feel work well.
  • Staggering plants can add a sense of depth so planning when buying is essential. Lining them up at the nursery before you buy is a good idea.
  • Mass planting of pots together can create a garden bed feel, and the best bit is you get to take it with you when you move!
  • Plants don’t have to go on the ground, finding things to place them on and stagger heights can change the sense of space and continue your design feel based on what you place them on or in. If it is around an outdoor table, be sure to place some smaller ones on the table for a great centrepiece.
  • Make sure your plants fit together. Mass planting does not mean squashed.

Plants make people happy.

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